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Mix & Match Monster!

Art Workshop on April 9, 2016 at Camden Comic Con

Bring a crazy monster to life, using collage and color.

It can be silly, scary, or utterly absurd!


Starting with the provided drawings of eyes, ears, claws, fangs, fins, tails and bow ties, assemble these pieces into a unique creation - and use them as inspiration for drawing your own bizarre body parts and accessories.


Throw in a burst of vibrant color, or choose hues that will set the right mood. Add a background to set the scene, or make up funny things your monster might say.


Let your imagination run wild!

Posted on April 1st:

Right now, I am creating monster pieces for the workshop I will be leading at Camden Comic Con. If you're in the New Jersey/ Philly/ NYC area, you should join me for this FREE family-friendly event! After the lesson, I will be offering sketches & mini-comics at my table. Come say hello!


Photos of the Workshop:

Now available in the form of a  Monster Coloring Kit at CCC and future conventions!
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