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This event marks my third time participating (and second as assistant curator), in an annual gallery show of emerging comics artists, organized by fellow artist and lead curator Gerardo R. Casas.  Each year, the artwork is centered around a certain theme. 
The last show of the series, this year's theme was "Farewell." Once again, my artwork related to my story for National Novel Writing Month, recently written in November. Here, my focus is the use of letter-writing to remember and reach out to loved ones.
These are some examples of the artwork I had on display.
The show has ended, but here are the essentials...
Reception: Friday, January 6th 2017  7-10pm
Ouchi Gallery, 170 Tillary Street, Suite 105, Brooklyn
Open 12-6pm on Thurs, Jan 5th - Sun, Jan 8th
(Wednesdays by appointment)
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