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What can I help you with today?


Drawing is not only beautiful, it is an expressive visual language with many potential purposes.

Here are some to consider:



Personal Commissions

Gift Portraits & Wedding Art

Whether it's for a special person,

commemorating an auspicious occasion,

or to show off a new profile picture,

I can make you a unique art piece that

will be memorable (and affordable).

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Freelance Projects

Bringing Your Story to Life

Often, I am hired to work with other creators on a project, pairing my drawings with a comic page or short film. Aspiring children's book authors have requested a few sample illustrations to add additional appeal to their pitch. For a few examples:

"Headshots" newspaper page, by writer Adam McGovern

Poster / postcard for Peter Arvo and the Hunt, an Americana band

How to Break into Yiddish Vaudeville short animation directed by Jack Feldstein (followed by Monocular Man)


Private Lessons, Public Workshops

Let's Draw Together!

Glad to teach drawing and various forms of art, to individuals or groups.

For in-person sessions, I can easily reach anywhere in the New York metropolitan area. Also willing to travel, especially for conventions on the East Coast. Open to the possibility of offering instruction via internet.

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Event Sketching

An Evening in Pictures

Spice up your event by offering quick sketches as party favors,

or document the festivities with a set of renderings, drawn live on location.

(Frequently able to arrange barter-for-entry, or cross-promotion with arts events)

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Please direct all inquiries to ellen.sted (@)

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