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Become an    Ellesaur pal!

There are several ways to get involved and show your support...


Come Say Hello

Visit me at an upcoming comic con, special occasion, performance, gallery exhibit, art workshop or festival.

Learn more about current projects in person, and/or commission a personalized sketch. Bring friends! 

See my Events page and/or social media for where I'll

be going next.


Print & Post Promotion

Help me spread the word about upcoming community activities by printing and distributing event flyers. 

Post them around your neighborhood or share them with friends and colleagues, both in person and online.


Mention to a social group, tack it to a café bulletin board, leave handouts at the library (for free events), etc.

Especially if you're local to NYC, help print and distribute copies of my FCBD 2023 book featuring Street Lab! 


(If you're not in NYC, attending live events may not be relevant... but with your support I can post more stories 

and free comics online. Also, I have/hope to travel other places for comic cons and special events!)

Send Your Pictures

Perhaps you have you colored a "bitty book" or coloring page, met me sketching at an event, attended a workshop or convention, and have any photos & images that would be relevant to my website...


Send them my way and I'll post them up here!

Let me know if you'd like to be credited & linked to.

And be sure to tag me when you post to social media. 


Read These Stories

I pursue writing challenges on!

Thoroughly reading earns me a few cents per view, and you can tip for stories you really like!


(Joining the website at the basic level is free, or pay for a more advanced subscription.)

Fund My Projects

If you enjoy the artwork and community experiences being generated, and want to see this happen more & sooner, please consider giving financial support to offset the costs of art supplies, expenses, time spent, distribution, etc.

Commit to ongoing monthly contributions through the fundraising platform Patreon at

One-time or additional support can be sent via PayPal to ellen.sted ( and Venmo @Ellen-Stedfeld



If you're a business or venue or entrepreneur, we can discuss ways to connect through partnerships and resources.


For instance, cafes/bars could host my daily October ink drawings or NaNoWriMo writing, providing food and drink in exchange for a sponsor listing and shout out on social media. I could be the official sketch artist for your special events.

...and always open to new ideas!

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