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Current Highlights

Much of my present practice is about quick drawing at live events, creating customized artwork in a specific context, tackling creative challenges, and facilitating interactive experiences. The strength of this approach is its special process and presentation, that I hope to lean into further. 


Therefore, while my emphasis is project/strategy as a whole, the result is more often a collection of sketches than one polished picture to display. However, a few pieces do stand out, so I'd like to keep updating this section with new portfolio work. Meanwhile, briefly explained in Latest Work

In Between

More of my recent and/or experimental work (and projects ibetween or ongoing) can be viewed on other pages of this site, organized into categories like Publications and FREE Coloring. Some very interesting works were never uploaded, so keep checking back as I remedy that situation and finally showcase these endeavors... this website itself is a complex art project!

Classic Illustration Portfolio

These are some of my favorite pieces from approximately 2007/8-2014, my last year of college to when I first set up this website. Many of them I still consider my "greatest hits" from an era when I could pour hours into a project, and pushed my own boundaries of style and media. They remain representative of my range of abilities and paths I would like to continue exploring. 

For curious minds, some additional collections of older artwork (and the origin of my current practices like sketching live events) can be viewed on my previous gallery site and Eventageous

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