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Gift Portraits & Wedding Art


One of my favorite things to draw is people, and portraits can be especially meaningful

when made for a special person or occasion.


Shown here are several examples, to give you a flavor of how this looks. The options for materials are unlimited, from a simple but expressive pencil sketch, to a lively and vibrant marker drawing, to larger and more detailed watercolor or acrylic paintings.

Prices will vary depending on your budget and the artwork specifications.


Contact me with questions and requests by emailing ellen.sted (@)



Left: Drawing was a Valentine's Day surprise for his girlfriend, based on the photo of a memorable day together.


Above: Facebook profile picture for my dad, who wanted to be sure to include sunglasses and Mr. Met baseball hat.

Custom wedding decor for a very fun couple! They love cartoons, so I mixed together several favorites here, depicting Jake the Dog as Deadpool and Finn the Human as Mewtwo.

This portrait greeted guests just outside the room where their reception took place. Drawn in each other's favorite colors, blue and purple become a recurring theme throughout all the pictures.


Sadly, their cats sadly could not join the wedding party, so I fashioned a way for them to be represented in spirit.


More fun with Adventure Time! Here I drew the characters in a playfully loose, sketchy style. Finn knocks on the door with a loopy arm, while the candy people dance and celebrate.


I made several printouts of the party scene that were placed in different parts of the room... and on one, there's a Deadpool in the background.

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