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Comic Con Sketches

As an artist who enjoys the excitement of events, I tend to

get involved in several ways. Whether or not I've arranged to sketch in an official capacity - if I'm there, it will happen!

Conventions usually have panel discussions, that include several guest speakers. I like to attend and listen, sketch, take notes, or make my sketches into the notes...


New York
Comic Con

2019 & 2018


"Clowns. It is because of clowns."

"When you feel like you're part of a project, you become much more personally invested in it."

"A lot of what we do
is about a lot of people coming together."

(A few samples from years of sketching... and more to come!)

Beyond being an engaging creative practice, 

I have displayed this kind of artwork in exhibitions.

I also intend to partner with comics news outlets and

event organizers, to join & document the festivities,

and share as unique press/social media content.

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