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May 18-19th 2024

studio visit 2022

[via Facebook event]


Event by Ellen Stedfeld

43-01 22nd St, Long Island City

(Queens NYC) NY 11101, USA

Duration: 2 days + receptions

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

Come visit my art studio (#352) during the LIC Arts Open festival!

See the gloriously cluttered space where I make messy art projects, think great thoughts, and keep all the sketches and exhibit items from special events. Learn more about these creative endeavors, get an up-close look at detailed drawings and stories-in-progress, ask questions about artistic process, preview what’s coming next. Free mini-comic zines and coloring pages, small snacks/candy, and whatever interactive activities I can come up with by then!

Hoping to have a lot of visitors come through, but if you catch me at a slow point, I'd be glad to talk in-depth or give drawing demos. My goal is to have several binders and portfolios prepared with exclusive pages to look through, live coloring activities, framed art for sale, etc. — so there will be plenty of things to enjoy.

As the date approaches, I will continue posting new info here, [on my website] and Instagram @EllesaurArts
(If you miss the official date, live elsewhere, or want to help me prepare, scroll down for extra options.)

What is this event, how does it work?

Overall info:
NYC neighborhoods with lots of active artists tend to host annual “open studios” weekends in their area.

Long Island City, Queens has their big one in May, (and sometimes a smaller one in the fall). For these 2 days, buildings that are normally closed workspaces will be open to the public, where guests can walk through and visit many rooms. Official hours for the studio walk are Sat, May 18th & Sun, May 19th 2024 12-5pm (though artists with private spaces may offer their own viewings).


As part of the festival, there will also be arts events in the days leading up to this weekend, and group receptions in the evenings. Galleries that are already open to the public may host special exhibits or collaborate with the festival, local businesses may have related pop-ups. This weekend also coincides with “LIC Springs" a family-oriented block party on Vernon Boulevard.

Festival activities are FREE to attend (unless marked otherwise), but you can support me and fellow artists by buying/following our work, join gallery mailing lists, and consider donating to the local arts organizations that make this festival happen… and keep arts happening throughout the year. Simply inviting friends and spreading the word makes a big difference to our community!

Main website:
Related organizations:


Getting there:
This is the part of Queens CLOSEST to Manhattan. My studio is located in a building with one of the biggest groupings of artists, now “Artist Studios at 43-01 22nd St” but was formerly “Reis Studios” (Google Maps still lists that). Subways less than 10min walk: 7/N/W at Queensboro Plaza or E/M/G/7 at Court Sq-23 St, plus numerous bus lines. (Do check the transit schedule that weekend, as Queensboro often has construction.)


Entrance is on 22nd street, between 43rd & 44th Ave. The light gray building across from mural-covered building and diagonal from Silvercup movie studio. Elevator or stairs to 3rd floor, then keep to the RIGHT, past the freight elevator and workshop, my studio is at the end of a long hall. Dinosaur signs will point the way.


Expect my door to be open both days! I usually remain in/near my room, or contact me in advance to confirm a time. Then attending receptions and other artists’ studios in the off-hours, if you’d like to join these creative experiences, or have questions about my work but are unavailable in the scheduled times. If visiting other spots (with me or independently) check your directions because it’s a big neighborhood! Other subway stations, or even the ferry landing, may be closer to that destination.


(Return here again soon, for any changes or updates!)


2019 balloon activity


Where/when else can you experience my art in person?

Visit for a list of upcoming events and activities (mostly NYC) or email ellen.sted ( with inquiries. For instance, I work with a weekly drawing pop-up, participate in monthly+ live figure drawing sessions.

Is there a virtual version of this studio tour?

I have always wanted to dedicate a section of my website to documenting the studio (just started here), potentially share videos and/or livestream. Wait patiently, volunteer to record it, or donate to this cause! I would consider doing Zoom tours by request.

Ways to get involved:
- Put the festival dates on your calendar, attend & bring everyone. Make it an outing!
- Donate via Venmo @Ellen-Stedfeld or PayPal, Patreon, etc. so I can better prepare.
- Commission artwork to be picked up then, propose short collaborations to potentially display.
- Discuss current projects or meet in advance, prompting me to practice and prototype beforehand.
- If we’re friends already, offer to help hosting visitors or making last-minute copies and errands.
- If you reside in NYC, anyone can help refill coloring sheets (print 20pgs free at Queens Library) from

(for instance, bringing back the classic Bookworm & Snail Mail)

- Contribute snacks, supplies, or gift cards for that purpose, unique resources, suggest a barter of creative services.

Always open to interesting ideas! 

2023 coloring table

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