Previously: Art in Isolation

The spread of the COVID19 virus has impacted everyone.

Here in New York City, all non-essential activity is on hold,

while we stay indoors to slow this crisis.

What happens now?

For me, that means forging new routines,

finding ways to help, getting creative with my time,

learning to thrive within these circumstances,

and taking small steps towards big goals.

Current artwork:

Even in subtle ways, I make sure to keep active every day...

During morning workout on Zoom, I doodle each exercise.

Washing clothes, I sketch them into fashion designs.

Streaming church online, I letter songs & verses.

Handmade cards for healthcare workers.

Rough drafts of my comic stories. 

Online figure drawing.

Designing signs.

Preparing for Kids Comic Con (online)!

I'm setting up new sections of the site to display this work.

If you'd like to support more community efforts and

creative projects like these, please donate!

New Updates: Re-socializing

Well, I've returned to work sooner than many people in NYC,

as the bookstore fulfills online orders and prepares to re-open,

along with a new job at a micro-warehouse.

It's certainly a different city than a few months ago -

everyone in masks, unsure what will be open when,

and the daily protest marches.

Current artwork:

Working most days, there's barely time, but I always make a way!

Since my creativity is often inspired by circumstances...

- Photographs of the present state of New York

- Recycling damaged books into collages,

writing/drawing ideas, objects

- Designs for face masks

- Comic doodles

Kids Comic Con (online) was a wonderful success,

and I'm currently participating in an (online) art exhibit.

Stay tuned for more!