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Figure Drawing

Qns Drink n Draw
at Everyone Comics
(usually 3rd Tues of the Month)

Jan 17 2023    Ashley East @redhoteast (fox mask)
Feb 21    [GS]
March 21    Mitch @malemodelmitch (pink blazer)
April 25    Patricia from Black Ramen Podcast @blackramenpodcast @chattypattybk
May 23    Cherice Marie @chericemarietheartist (also a singer)
June 27   Dapper Prince @dapper_prince_ (Dr.Strange in promo but then amazing Namor)
July 18   Mx. Macabre as Loki! 
Aug 22  Will! The super spy @excelbuff
Sept 19    Mike Margo @mike_the_wizard (emotionally intelligent caveman?)
Oct 24    Kelsey @comet109p (Poison Ivy)
Nov 21    Manoli  @manoli_ioannidis  warrior w/sword
Dec 19 2023    Lisamarie @ms_lisamarieee (my winter drawing!)
Jan 16 2024    Brace aka Sunshine with accordion @embracingarts
Feb 20    Gabe as spiderman
March 19    again Ashley East @redhoteast or @redhoteast_ceramics ?
April 16    Christina in Joker costume @cr3ativ3bynatur3

Next up - May 21  Model: Arley @arleyhoops

June 18
July 16

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