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 Application for

Cullman Center


A few years ago, I discovered an exciting opportunity being offered at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library...


By proposing a project that requires library materials, selected fellows are given the resources to complete it!

But which idea should I run with?

Since I make art to fit every situation -

I'd present my library experience like an explorer's journal.

Both focused and open-ended, this format can naturally incubate a variety of related ideas, with space to grow.


(If this is what I do in 20 min, imagine a day, a week, months...)


Potential Topics:  Historic Architecture, Capture a Moment, The Library in all Seasons, Special Events, Who's Here Today and Why?

How the Library Came to Be & How it Works,

The Randomest Facts & Objects, Inspire Me,

Make a Zine / Activity Page, Design a Product, Listen to Knowledge - Then Tell Someone Else,

Old New York, Lettering Exercises, Doodle It,

Photos & Drawings & Prints, Luring The Public, Is This Allowed Inside? Might I Go Everywhere? Have an Idea, Let's Get Involved With This Too

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