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Community Notice

This flyer was not made by me, but is here to keep spreading the word about my friend Sierra Shields, who has been unexpectedly missing these last few months. The more people who see it, the better chance we have of finding her. Please tell your friends to look at her picture, and post this in your neighborhood and online.

Her story has been covered by numerous news outlets, but there are no updates.


Facebook Community: Find Sierra Shields

Facebook Public Group: Find Sierra

Facebook Event: Sierra Shields Vigil of Hope


#FindSierraNYC  #OurSweetSierra  #InGodWeTrust  #VigilofHope  #SingSierraHome

Friday, January 22nd 2015   Vigil of Hope held at Connection Church and worldwide
to pray for Sierra's safe return, and in honor of all missing persons.

God is Love

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