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Happening Now:

Kids Art Workshop

October 15th 2021, 12-3pm
Forest Park - NYC

Assisting with a The Blue Bus Project kids art workshop, part of a fall festival!


Local Art Fairs

Next: ​(TBD)
Saturday, Aug 21 6 -10pm
Sunday, August 15th  4 -10pm
Saturday, August 7th  5 -10pm
Saturday, July 31st  5 -10pm

Astoria Queens - NYC

Drawing portraits and special requests from a table outside Mike's Diner with @Astoria_Art_Bites


CAC Art Workshop

Sun, October 24, 2021 2-4pm
Windmill Garden (LIC Queens)

Planning an art workshop in a local community garden, drawing the flowers and plants together - all ages welcome.

This program is made possible by the New York City Artist Corps.   >> More info <<


Inktober Drawings

October 2021
(various spots & Instagram)

Taking on the annual Inktober drawing challenge (making an ink drawing every day in October). Plan to post on Instagram, and will lead into NaNoWriMo novel.

IG @EllesaurArts




Comic Convention

October 7-10th 2021
Javits Center & venues - NYC

Returned to NYCC in person, and related events & gatherings, including after-party with indie creators Friday night.


Short Story Writing

Summer 2021
Online on

Recently, I have been using the writing competitions on to prompt new work and practice a different format. Also hoping to win/earn funding for more

writing, art, and creative projects.

>> Read Stories on Vocal <<


Poetry / Sketching

Sunday, July 25
Governor's Island - NYC

Read & sketched at the NY Poetry Festival on Governor's Island with the Redeemed Writers Group, 2pm on Chumley's Stage. (Join us next year for this annual event!)


Sketch Night

Mon, April 5th 2021
Meetup / Zoom

Attended a monthly (online) figure drawing session hosted by The Old Stonehouse, with various videos and a Zoom chat

(until we return to in-person gatherings).


Sketch Night

February 13, 2021
Facebook Live

Attended a live (online) figure drawing session by The Art Students League, with models from The Pearling Principle. 

See a few of the sketches on Instagram @EllesaurArts


Novel Writing

January & February 2021

After participating in National Novel Writing Month (in November) these are the "Now What" months of editing. The organizational also hosts talks with authors on YouTube.


Live Sketching

October/Nov/Dec 2021 
Manhattan West Village - NYC

Possibly sketching at live music shows. 

Details TBD


Drawing & Noveling

October / November 2021 
Online & Meetups

Looking forward to participating in the annual creative challenges of making an Inktober drawing every day, that will inspire my story for National Novel Writing Month's 50,000+ word novel by end of November.