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"Insta-Sketch" at Comic Cons

You Ask, I Draw : offering customized sketches of characters, portraits, and random goodness

Sketching at Live Events

I draw wherever I go, and I go a lot of places...

Conferences, music shows, business talks, comedy acts - if I'm there, I'm likely putting it to paper

Made at Camden Comic Con, April 2016

Think of courtroom art, but more expressive, and taken to the places an event photographer would go. In each picture, I capture a moment or even several moments in time, documenting and uniquely responding to the experience.


With musicians, the motion of my pencil reflects the mood of the sounds.

For a panel discussion, I'll take notes or quotes around the speakers' heads. Comedians are accompanied by their joke, or silly stories doodled on the side.

(Authors at the Brooklyn Book Festival; The Stoop Concert Series)

Until I finish uploading all the latest art, earlier work is still accessible at


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