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Instant Sketches

"Insta-Sketch" at Comic Cons

You Ask, I Draw : offering customized sketches of characters, portraits, and random goodness

Made at Camden Comic Con, April 2016

Sketching at Live Events

I draw wherever I go, and I go a lot of places...

Conferences, music shows, business talks, comedy acts - if I'm there, I'm likely putting it to paper

Think of courtroom art, but more expressive, and taken to the places an event photographer would go. In each picture, I capture a moment or even several moments in time, documenting and uniquely responding to the experience.


With musicians, the motion of my pencil reflects the mood of the sounds.

For a panel discussion, I'll take notes or quotes around the speakers' heads. Comedians are accompanied by their joke, or silly stories doodled on the side.

(Authors at the Brooklyn Book Festival; The Stoop Concert Series)

- Sketch Series -

Until I finish uploading all the latest art, earlier work is still accessible at


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