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Unfolding Comic - Mustard Seed Faith

Matthew 13:31-32 (NIV) 

He told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.


Though it is the smallest of seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches."

A new art piece, completed in time for New York Comic Con 2015. The page unfolds upward, following the seed's growth. Printed in yellow, green, white, or rainbow (depending on paper availability).

If you'd like to print a copy of your own...

The pdf file can be downloaded here for your personal appreciation (ask before distributing anywhere). Though its unusual folding system means it must be printed at actual size, with no margins. Maybe a simple Settings adjustment, but not all printers can or will allow this.

The story behind the art:


NYCC was fast approaching, and I needed something new in my portfolio to show a change from the year before. Anticipating all the intensive networking, I couldn't bear the thought of brining the exact same set of artwork back. However, none of my bigger projects had produced any polished updates. There wasn't time to make a 100-page graphic novel or even an 8-page booklet, or a deeply layered illustration that could stand up with the rest. It was mere days away.


Meanwhile, I had wanted to develop more artwork that spoke to my faith directly, bridging what I loved and lived for, give those fruits over to God. As a Christian, I don't believe my artwork has to be overtly religious to be honorable. Sometimes an important message may be wrapped in a funny story, art simply brings joy, or what matters most is greeting a stranger with kindness. But it CAN be a valuable way to engage with these matters. Depiction of Bible passages unveils a fresh interpretations, speaks beyond words, invites contemplation.

This piece came together as the best solution. It could be a "book" while just one page, interactive in a way that uniquely fit the subject. Conceptually consistent. With each flip open, a new development is revealed: seed to plant, plant to tree, tree to birds. (Supposedly) easy to reproduce by being a single-sided black ink page, where color and weight could be added via paper. Art that could hold both a place of honor in the portfolio and be put in your hands, a free gift. Excitedly shared as a new and beautiful creation, therefore a way to witness without negative pressures. Welcoming people to ask more, or simply walk on with God's word in their pocket. 

Since then, I periodically reprint the book to share again, often have it on a convention table "by donation" or carried as a giveaway option.

My latest iteration of 2024 is printing on more shades of green/yellow,

and trying a light speckle, to test the results and identify next actions.

I wonder about browns like tree bark, but enjoy the vibrancy of life bright ones bring, or how white allows color to be added. Sadly, the lovely rainbow-hued paper seemed discontinued long ago, though I would be curious to contact the company or try similar options. This version was my favorite, because the color changed as it opened. 

I hope to continue exploring this theme and format, make a full set of small booklets with all the colored papers, print and give them away more broadly. Even as they exist now, I imagine presenting them in a whicker bowl (evoking branches), beside my poetic collage from the "Rooted" retreat that also used a tree/faith metaphor, and creating more related works... two Bible studies recently made references to trees, and this sparked an interesting direction of thought. Perhaps, for preparing and presenting with an upcoming prayer walk.


Please consider ways to donate and support this cause, so I can dedicate the time and resources towards fulfilling this creative vision, and provide such detailed accounts of these artistic creations.

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