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Neon Animations with Jack Feldstein

Film Festival Screenings (January, February 2015)


How to Break Into Yiddish Vaudeville premiered in the New York Jewish Film Festival, Lincoln Center on January 28, 2015. Q&A with Shane Baker, myself, Jack Feldstein.

For this experimental animated short, director Jack Feldstein filmed my hands drawing a series of images, depicting a narration by Shane Baker, that he then transformed into a neon animation. The film showed twice, at 3:15pm and 8:45pm, together with the documentary Natan. Both screenings were followed by a period of questions from the audience.

Then less than a month later, the next short film Monocular Man: My Eye and Saturn V a story told by R. Jim Stahl, won the second place award for best animated short - both by audience choice and special jury - in the Providence Children's Film Festival.

Attending the festival with R. Jim Stahl on a snowy Monday, February 16th at 11:30am


You're next!

Would you like your story told in neon animation?

> Contact me for details <

Over the summer, I worked on a third animation with Jack Feldstein, putting pictures to Plain Talk, a narration by Deborah Starr about the big issues when facing life's end.

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