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NYCC 2014 Scavenger Hunt Game

As always, I'm trying something new and fun. For those of us who will be at New York Comic Con, here's a great way to encounter some amazing creators and their comics. You'll be walking away with a page of signatures and doodles, an original art sketch card from me, and hopefully an armful of your now-favorite books!


Join me for this dawning of a new initiative, pardon a glitch or few, and enjoy...

Please use the files available to print a copy for yourself, and make as many extras as you can to help expand the game.

Additional details will be posted soon, along with a folding demo! If printed to size, it folds perfectly into a standard flyer or 9-box grid.


Save the picture(s) below or use these documents: ellesaurhuntnycc2014.pdf  ellesaurhuntnycc2014_printcrop.pdf


(The first is a perfect 8.5x11in sheet but may require changing your page settings to print without borders. The second is identical but fits the content into 8x10.5in and will probably work fine with average printer settings.)

Tips for folding:

Fold in thirds the long way, and where the text is showing on all sides, not covered by the back of the paper. For an exact measure,  line up your fold with the edge of the "s" from "Creators" and the "?" from "Ellesaur?" and that will give you a measure for the other side. Now you have a standard-sized flyer. But now you can fold again, near the center of the dashes, and that will give you a measure for completing your little package! It also gives you a perfect grid for obtaining the 9 signatures on the back.


Tips for finding the Ellesaur:

I will be the only person wearing an Ellesaur t-shirt, a large portfolio case displying an Ellesaur, and a sachel of markers and colored pencils on my hip. As a sucker for panels, you will probably see me there most of the day, learning from the wisdom of (and sketching!) the speakers discussing topics like how to make comics interesting and get them published, creator connections, and talk about process and life. When I do get to the hall, I focus on my creator pals (many listed) and favorite indie publishers.

Plan on picking up the free book I earned at yesterday's Oni panel, and saying hello to my new friends from Madefire's after-party. Also wandering around looking for new reading material, and for crazy things to take or make pictures of that can only happen at a convention! Then the NY SciFi & Fantasy Meetup's after-party is tonight! (Friday)

Congrats! First winner of the scavenger hunt found me Friday night... and wrote about it!

Many thanks to David Burszan at Den of Geek!

If you want to see more games like this, please contribute to the launch of my brand-new Patreon page

and support my work through art sales and commissions. You can also help by spreading the word!

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