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"Growing" Bible verse image, where a mustard seed becomes a tree.

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Pop-up Zine Fair and Swap (June 2017)

Headshots, Newspaper Page


Full page from Magic Bullet #8, written by Adam McGovern and drawn/lettered by yours truly. This is a free comics newspaper that publishes in Washington DC and distributes at conventions along the East Coast.


Adam and I signed and handed out copies during Free Comic Book Day 2014 at Dewey's Comic City, and at Camden Con in NJ.


At the time, you could sometimes find copies at Carmine Street Comics in lower Manhattan, and I may have brought copies over to the featured bars (referenced in the receipts falling out of the wallet): Dominie's, The Trash Bar, Friends & Lovers, Cronin and Phelans.


Fun facts:

- The 3 bands on the poster are all real and I know them. Go listen!

- The photos on the wall (minus the imaginary couple) all represent friends and recent experiences from that time.

- The crossed-out items on the shopping list are all the supplies you would need to make such a display, such as string, tape, etc.

- In addition to the natural grain of the paper, some background pencil texture was achieved by taking a rubbing from my walls.


A chunk of the work on this project was actually done while sitting in Dominie's bar of Astoria, Queens... where they will supposedly someday put up a print of this page. And I've gone back to draw quite a few times since!



Check out the Magic Bullet site

They're always looking for new advertisers & contributors!


(After the intro, just before page one. Or search for "Ellen Stedfeld")

Several years ago, I created 3 original short comics printed at half-size, folded and stapled,

previously & sometimes available for purchase / trade at conventions, or free to read here...


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