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Story Corner

Gather around for a good yarn...

When Life's Just Super

Chad makes the biggest decision of his life, when he decides to embark on a stunning career – as the brash new superhero Volt.


Though in a city overpopulated by people with powers, heroics is a tough business to break into. Most newbies would have to save several hordes of cats out of trees, before catching the attention of a star team like the Solar Flares. So when they cross paths during the arrest of a goofy but notorious ultravillain, and Teamleader Sola offers a chance to learn the ropes, Chad/Volt is eager to accept her proposal.


Of course he neglects to mention a few details… like how the criminal in question is his father, and Chad’s early training as a sinister sidekick is the reason Volt shows so much potential now. As his own notoriety grows, can a new identity entirely replace the old, or will a lurking past keep coming back to bite him?


In development as a lengthy comic / graphic novel.


Nadia and the Nightmares

Awaking in a room with a door, Nadia walks through it into a series of dream realms, where she must face any of several uncanny fears. 


She repeatedly runs from a monster, transports from a mansion to

a hovel and back, and falls headlong into the depths of the ocean.

In many places, Nadia meets figures that feel surprsingly familiar, like reflections in a mirror. Almost as though they could be herself in another life, with a different set of choices and circumstances.


Even as she continues her journey, the others begin to imply - and the realization gradually dawns on her - that there is a recurring theme of pages and ink throughout. Nadia slowly suspects that she may not be real at all, but only a character in a book.


Displayed first images in art exhibit during December 2015.

In development as an illustrated & interactive novel.


In a future existence where science and technology have made several advances, the new trend among the wealthy is to order a Personal Clone - a younger body replica, functioning as a living organ bank for medical emergencies. They are designed to be mindless, only able to carry out simple household tasks until needed for their greater purpose. Yet something has gone wrong.


Adrien knows this because he isn't supposed to know anything at all. He himself is a clone, but has kept his intelligence secret, for fear of being labeled a "defective product." Growing up alongside his Originator's twin sons made it possible to covertly self-educate, and helped him realize that having duplicate DNA makes him no less a true person. Everyday life had settled into a rather predictable routine... until it begins to crumble. Now all teenagers, Adrien has reached full medical fitness, the twins are becoming suspicious of his act, and their father returns from the doctor with troubling news.


In development as a YA novel, with spot illustrations.

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