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Story Corner - Gather 'round for a good yarn

Here are complex original projects I'm developing for eventual publication. Read the blurbs and tell me what intrigues you most. Want to see them happen faster? Buy prints of the existing artwork or donate to the projects you like and I'll send you perks and behind-the-scenes info... think of it like an ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Spread the word about your favorites. The more support I get, the more stories you get to read!


Young Adult Sci-Fi (Prose) Novel

In a future where cloning technology has advanced, it has become a growing trend among the wealthy to invest in a younger and mindless replica of one's body, in case of a medical emergency. Like organic machines, they are designed to carry out simple tasks, and take the role of a servant until they're needed for a more important purpose.


But what if one clone were not as empty as advertized?


Adrian knows this has actually happened, because it is him. Raised with his Originator's family, beside the man's twin sons, he has seen that being genetically identical to another doesn't make you any less your own person. However, he hides his humanity for fear of being discarded as a "defective" product. Now growing into adulthood while his Originator ages, he increasingly dreads the worst... that his Originator will need a vital operation. At the same time, one of the twins is beginning to suspect his disguised nature.


Why is Adrian different, and are there others like him? Will he survive long enough to discover the truth?


Echoing the Stars
Sci-fi Novel, Family Drama

Azalea is not like other girls her age. She's not like anyone else in the world. Ever since the Saturin race came to Earth, bringing with them technological wonders in exchange for co-habitation of the planet, their peoples have co-existed peacefully. But each kind has remained most comfortable with their own. Friendships are warm but scarce, and more than that... may not be socially or biologically possible.


Yet with a proper inspection, it's clear that Azalea possesses the qualities of both. She's been on the road with her Saturin mother for years, seeking the Native Earthian father they were separated from so long ago. As their journey finally reaches an end, it brings back memories of the time when Marlina and Stephen first met and fell in love, but whose circumstances tore them apart.


Each one of them has coped with the challenge of their broken bonds differently, and hopes for what will happen when they finally reunite, believing against the odds that reconciliation is always possible.

  When Life's Just Super  
    Multi-Genre Comic / Graphic Novel    

Chad wants to become an uber-hero, an impossible task. Not because powers are unreal - quite the opposite! So many people have "sparked" that the competition is steep. And there's another problem - his dad. Andy, best friend and now begrudging agent, can't fathom why Chad's finding it so tough to break the news to his laidback father. Perhaps it has something to do with a shady, ultra-villainous, (though dramatically goofy) bankrobbing past?


Chad, now called Volt, begins his journey of breaking into being a hero. After taking on random and seemingly pointless gigs, he gets a lucky break by interning with Sola's young but talented team. Accidentally competing for her affections with a fellow teammate, and ready to move forward, he begins to build a team of his own with very unconventional members - rejected and underestimated by other groups, and even inviting a reformed junior villain.


With every person he meets, Volt becomes a catalyst for changes. But even though he seems the ideal hero, and his fame quickly grows, it's only a matter of time before old history catches up to him.


Modern Mythological Comic

The ancient Greek gods still exist in the present day, but don't get the proper worship and respect anymore. Having relocated to The States long ago, they look forward to the reign of a prophesied conqueror who will be their champion in the coming age, causing whatever destruction it takes to gain their former position of fear in the hearts of all humanity. While they squabble amongst each other for who will have the greatest power now that Zeus is missing, a select few plan to guide this special person along a different path, to use his power for good. If only they can find him. 


Alex doesn't seem the conqueror type. He's too busy getting yelled at by his boss, and worrying about the girl who doesn't like him back. But fate is at his doorstep, and there's no backing out.


Concept and full script by writer/filmmaker Zubair Simonson, while I provide additional story and character development, and gradually create the final art. Planned for 5 issues.



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