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Classes: Let's Make Art!


In November & December of 2013, I taught a 6-week series of all-ages Mythical Creatures drawing workshops at Enigma Bookstore, a sci-fi/fantasy/mystery shop (formerly) located in Astoria, Queens. Each week focused on a different fantastical life form, such as unicorns, dragons, and mermaids. By introducing elements of real animals - the bodies of horses or wings of birds - tangible yet wildly imaginative combinations could be made. We both looked to the traditional mythology behind these mythical creatures,

and their many potential permutations. (Personal favorites were the mer-corgi and hipster centaur.)


Then through March 2014, I taught a set of 5 comics drawing workshops at Carmine Street Comics in downtown Manhattan.

They could be taken independently or paired with the comics writing workshops taught by Patrick J. Reilly.


In theory, the first week covered the basics of getting started with comics, followed by characters, settings, layout, and conclusion / further development for where to go next with it. Though in reality, I ended up adjusting the lessons for the students who attended, and what they most wanted to learn.


We took advantage of the nice weather to sit outside, beside the

Astro Boy chalk drawing by artist Geoff Mosher.


Busy with our sketchooks and discussion, with an extra chair for any passer-bys who might like to join in.



(Even creating the signs for our classes was a collaborative process. See the photos of Patrick & I below, as I take notes on his instructions... a white ink blot guy comes marching over the hill and begins to travel between panels... see the larger image in my illustration portfolio)

Wondering what's next?


For anyone looking to improve their creative skills, I can do customized lessons, tailored to your interests. Group or individual, and glad to work with both kids and adults, at any skill level. Email me about what you have in mind, and we can make arrangements.


Most recently, I taught the Mix-and-Match Monster kids workshop at Camden Comic Con, in April 2016 (where I also led a Bitty Book of Beasts workshop in March 2015). Check back here or my Events Page for an upcoming schedule.


Feel free to inquire about doing workshops at your conventions, parties, and other events.

Contact me via email: ellen.sted (@)

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