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What have I been working on lately?

(From 2016)

An upcoming gallery show wants photos of the artists in their studios. I thought an illustrated version could be fun. (Still needs a few touch-ups, but mostly there.)

Drawing Spree

Feeling the need to update my portfolio with both observational & imaginative drawings, new images emerge...

Displaying in a group gallery show, with artwork related to my NaNoWriMo novel. Come to the reception on Jan 6th! > Click here for details

Pumpkin Faces

Hosted a coloring table at Connection Church's 5th Annual Trick-or-Treat in the park! With 2 (face/blank) options, and a wall to display their creations. 

Spark & Echo Arts

Commission from a Christian arts organization, depicting Proverbs 4:18-19. Read more about it on their website:


Exploring NYC

Drawing around the city, I photograph my sketch beside the place depicted. Currently, these can be seen on Instagram, but soon here on my site. 

Coloring Fun

New coloring pages / art prints are in progress! Meanwhile, check out the mix-and-match monster art kit!


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