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This is what my convention tables tend to look like (space allowing). Photos were taken at Baltimore Comic Con in September 2014.


Includes: Custom sketching with sample Darth Maul in frame, inset of puppy on a motorscycle drawn right there on the spot.

25c Bitty Books and tray of tiny one-of-a-kind comic pages beside my original mini-comics, inset of Sidescape with extra hand-coloring.

Painted ceramics displayed are stacking Lego style mugs, Deadpool mug, paired coasters, Pokebowl, Jake the Dog-bowl candy dish, etc.

8.5 x 11 prints of original illustrations (When Life's Just Super hero/villain struggle) and popular characters (Adventure Time party time).

Hanging mobile with bat on top = Batmobile, with clips to hang art. Began to replace seasonal sketches with flying items & characters.

Coloring station for kids of all ages, with choice of my Bookwoorm or Snail Mail coloring pages, crayons available to buy or borrow.


Come to my next event to be part of the convention experience, or contact me if you are interested in procuring any of these items or something similar. Many are available year-round, and can be purchased or picked up from Carmine Street Comics in Manhattan.

Shipping may be possible on request, and I will eventually set up an online store for smoother processing of remote packages.




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