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Nadia and the Nightmares

NaNoWriMo Novel, November 2015

Once again, I will be a participant in National Novel Writing Month, where writers across the country - and world - aim to write a story of at least 50,000 words within the month of November.


Last year, the timing coincided with a group art exhibit on the theme of Heroes and Villains. Hence, for NaNoWriMo 2014, I wrote the novelized version of my comic book concept When Life's Just Super, and created a related art installation in the gallery. 


Similarly, this year I am centering my novel around "Nightmares", the theme of the gallery show. I will create this new story over the course of one month, that will culminate in the gallery exhibit of accompanying illustrations, objects, and performance.


You can track the progress of my book-writing and art exhibit here on my website, and through my novel page or profile page on the NaNoWriMo site. Click here to read more about the art exhibit.

Nadia awakes in a room, and through its door she enters a dream realm of uncanny visions. I suppose the initial concept is derived from my own nightmares, in which it seems I can never find a way out, but that become so bizarre they are almost too interesting to be truly frightening. The focus of the story is not so much on horror, but about facing and overcoming your fears. Some are obvious, like the monster that chases her, though even that is metaphorical on some level. Others are more nuanced, like fear of failure. 


In addition to my own ideas, I have been asking others what their personal associatons are with nightmares and fears, which has already done wonders to shape my story. If you would like to contribute, send your nightmarish tales to ellen.sted (@)

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